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About Us


  • Installing, commissioning, maintaining and relocating conveyors of any type and design. ​
  • AutoStore fittings including robots and automatic picking systems. ​
  • Installation, ongoing maintenance and servicing of pallet and tote conveyor systems, storage towers and carousels.​
  • Installation of mezzanine floors, access stairs, guard rails, machine guards, and forklift protection.​

We pride ourselves in being able to take an existing solution and tailoring it to suit our clients’ needs.​

We also provide

  • Skilled Labour​
  • Health and Safety Site Management​
  • Project Management​
  • Team Support and Supervision​

 ~ Colin Phillip, CEO, Abercol

Colin Phillip, CEO

Colin Phillip’s entire career has been in conveyors and mechanical installation; starting out on the tools and moving through the ranks to management and supervision. As a result, he brings experience at every stage of goods and material handling, both as a client and a contractor, to Abercol.​

As founder and CEO, his focus is delivering uncompromising service and support to the automation and material handling sector. ​

At Abercol, you get the team you need for the project you’re undertaking. ​Based on requirements, we provide the best people to get your job done on time and under budget.​

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