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Autonomous Mobile Robot Solution – Newcastle-Under-Lyme

We are in a world where robots are increasingly taking over traditional methods of storing and sorting products. And this new robot installation in Newcastle-under-lyme is now finished and looks great. This compact, 1600m2 area is home to 24 autonomous robots that handle 360 product racks, providing the customer with approximately 59000 locations for their product. We installed 140m of perimeter fencing, 2 operator stations, 8 picture light operator points and 360 robot racks. 

Prior to work beginning, we had to decommission all conveyor equipment and remove it in such a way that it could be repurposed in another location of the distribution centre later this year. So if you’re looking for a innovative, efficient and cost-effective solution for your product storage and retrieval needs, look no further than our Autonomous Mobile Robot Solution. Contact us today to find out more!

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