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Autonomous Robot field in Dublin

Our scope was to mark out and lay the QR code field for an autonomous robot solution in Dublin. We installed perimeter fencing, unboxed robots, installed conveyors, set up picking stations, so that they could access all there products within the racks – it’s like living furniture!


  1. Marked out and set out 2880 rack locations
  2. Unboxed 37x autonomous robots
  3. Installed 100m of perimeter fencing
  4. Installed 9x picking locations
  5. Installed 9x robot chargers
  6. Installed 100m of box conveyor
  7. Fitted tote lid closer(first of its kind)

The installation of an autonomous robot solution is no easy feat; it takes skill and expertise to make sure everything goes according plan. But if you’re looking for someone who can handle all these tasks at once, then look none further than our team here!

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